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Michigan Post-Divorce Modifications Attorney

Michigan Post-Divorce Modifications and Enforcement Attorney – Our Michigan Post-Divorce Modifications Lawyers Can Assist You

Modifications are a big part of what the law office of Paul Tafelski does. They deal with issues that have to do with either the enforcement of the terms of the original judgment. For example, one party was supposed to do something under the terms of the judgment and they’ve failed to do it and you have to take them to court to enforce the terms of that judgment, or on the other side, be accused of not doing something you’re supposed to do and you have to go to court to defend yourself. Either way, the office represents people on those matters.

Also, all kinds of matters involving changes of custody and parenting time issues, extracurricular activities and similar issues that come up that the parties cannot work out themselves, they end up back in court and the clients end up having new fights over those issues. The law office of Paul Tafelski can represent people on anything related to the family.

Are Those Modifications Quite Common For Couples That Are Divorced?

Some people get divorced and they have a judgment and it sets forth the terms of their custody and parenting time and child support and they never look at it and they just deal with everything on their own and never have a problem, and that’s probably a fair number of people who get divorced that things work out that way where they really don’t have too much trouble figuring things out.

On the other hand, you have people who never stop fighting from the moment their divorce is finished until their kids turn 18, they fight, fight, and fight. These cases are very common; in fact, the courts are filled with people every week that are fighting over one thing or another but on the other hand, you’ve got to remember that there are thousands and thousands of cases going on and most of them are not in court. So, it’s very common, although in the majority of cases, people don’t have too many problems post judgment.

If you have questions regarding the Divorce Process in Michigan and Post-Divorce Modifications, call the law office of Attorney Paul Tafelski for a free initial consultation at (248) 456-8243 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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