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Is day care expenses covered by child support?

What about other factors like day care? Would some of that cover be covered through child support?

Yes. You have the child support figure which is purely for support and it’s based upon income. The formula also takes in to consideration day care expenses and uninsured medical expenses like orthodontics or psychological treatment or sometimes tutoring.

They usually calculate that based upon the parties’ percentages of income. If husband makes twice as much as wife, then husband will probably pay two-thirds of the day care cost and two-thirds of the uninsured medical expenses. This is because of the fact that his income ends up being two-thirds of the total pot and hers ends up being one-third of the total pot. That’s how they usually provide for those extra expenses.

Most of the time, child support gets paid through an automatic income withholding order that gets sent to the person-who-pays’ employer and it gets taken out of their paycheck. It is then directly deposited into an account for the person receiving the money.

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