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Do More Women Than Men Initiate Divorce?

Posted On: Mar 31, 2017  
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Do More Women Than Men Initiate Divorce?

Interviewer: Who asks for divorce more in the cases? Is it more women going, seeking out divorces or is it men?

Paul Tafelski: I’d say it’s pretty close to even.¬† I’d say also, in many cases one side might be the one to file but the other side agrees that it’s time to end the marriage. Most of the time, you don’t have one party who really doesn’t want the divorce.

Typically, Both Parties in a Divorce Acknowledge That the Divorce Is Necessary

There may be one party who would not have taken the steps and actually filed for divorce but deep down they feel that it’s the right way to go. For example, I’ve had a number of cases where one party files and at first the party that did not file is depressed about it and doesn’t want the divorce.

But by the time the case is over, that party wants the divorce more than the other party. It’s a highly emotional decision and it’s a hard thing for people to pull the trigger on. Usually once the cases get going, you find out that the people did think about it for a long time before they acted so they usually don’t have too many second thoughts.

Although it is not impossible to just stop the divorce and reconcile. I’ve had clients that have remarried after getting divorced. Anything is possible when it comes to family law. There is nothing that is impossible.


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