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Sylvan Lake Divorce Lawyer

Sylvan Lake Divorce Lawyer

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Today, many are celebrating news of the declining overall divorce rate. However, the rate is still twice as high today as it was a generation ago. Furthermore, divorce among certain age groups, most notable people over 50, has exploded since 1990. In a recent survey, divorce’s moral acceptability rating reached an all-time high. So today, more people than ever before do not just see divorce as a legitimate alternative. They are using that alternative to end their marriages.

Marriage dissolution almost always involves complex emotional, legal, and financial issues. At the office of Paul J. Tafelski, our Sylvan Lake divorce lawyers understand all these issues. Perhaps more importantly, they also understand the procedural requirements in different courts and counties. That includes the unwritten rules. So, when you partner with us, your marriage dissolution often proceeds more smoothly than it would otherwise. Of course, there are few guarantees in life, but we can guarantee our best effort on your case.

Child Custody Issues in a Sylvan Lakes Divorce

Just like the divorce rate has changed over the past 20 years, child custody matters have changed, as well. There is a presumption in Michigan law that children benefit from consistent and meaningful contact with both parents. The old every-other-weekend, every-other-holiday arrangement does not really satisfy that presumption. Even with extended summer vacation, the parenting time division is simply too great in favor of the residential parent.

So, Oakland County family law judges are more willing to embrace out-of-the-box plans in Sylvan Lake divorce cases. The “empty nest” is one example. Traditionally, the children move back and forth between their parents’ residences. In the empty nest arrangement, the children stay put and the parents rotate addresses.

Other plans include block parenting time divisions, in which the children spend a week or two at a time with each parent. In other cases, extended weekend parenting time divisions work quite well.

These divisions usually affect child support payments, as well. Since the overnights are more evenly distributed, the child support obligation is more evenly distributed, as well. Michigan is an income-share state, which means that the judge considers the proportional income of both parents when determining the payment amount.

Especially with regard to child custody, things happen quickly in a Sylvan Lake divorce case. The judge usually holds a temporary hearing almost immediately after a divorce petition is filed. These “temporary” decisions often become permanent later. So, without aggressive representation, your legal and financial rights could be seriously compromised right from the beginning.

Some Financial Aspects of Marriage Dissolution in Sylvan Lakes

In terms of property division, Michigan is an equitable division state. “Equitable” is not necessarily the same thing as “equal.” For example, divorced men often rebuild wealth faster than divorced women. That statistic could be a factor in the overall property division.

Before property can be divided, it must first be classified. This exercise is sometimes easier said than done, especially after a long marriage. For example, Wife might use money from her paycheck (marital property) to pay off her student loans (nonmarital debt).

Spousal support works much the same way. As for the big picture, the judge must weigh the obligee spouse’s economic need against the obligor spouse’s ability to pay. There are a number of factors to consider here, as well, such as the length of the marriage, any agreements between the spouses, and economic contributions to the marriage.

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If your marriage is ending, that dissolution involves a number of complex issues. For a free consultation with an experienced divorce attorney in Sylvan Lake, contact Paul J. Tafelski, P.C. Convenient payment plans are available.

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