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Experienced Divorce Attorney Helps Protect Rochester Hills Clients from Domestic Violence

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A widely-touted statistic indicates that approximately one out of every four women in America (as well as a significant number of men) will be victims of domestic violence in their lifetimes. Unfortunately, the emotions and stresses that accompany many divorces in Rochester Hills can make it more likely for domestic violence and abuse to occur – especially when one party believes that such actions and behaviors can result in him or her obtaining an outcome the abuser believes is desirable and advantageous.

Do not believe that you cannot fight back against abusive, violent, or harassing behavior while your divorce is pending. Retain the services of Paul J. Tafelski, P.C. and discover the difference that experienced counsel fighting for your rights and security can make.

Actions Available to the Rochester Hills Victims of Domestic Violence in Divorces

Some victims of domestic abuse mistakenly believe that they are without effective options to address their soon-to-be ex-spouse’s violent, harassing, or frightening behavior. Your Rochester Hills divorce attorney, though, can utilize one or more of the following methods of alerting the court to your situation and obtaining help and protection:

  • Ex-parte orders: In certain emergency situations, a court is permitted to enter ex parte orders without the other party being present. These orders are temporary in nature and last only a short period of time; however, orders can be obtained to direct the other party leave your residence, refrain from visiting you at work, and refrain from harassing or abusing you in any other manner while the order is in effect. These orders can be made more permanent at later hearings.
  • Contempt proceedings: Most divorce courts will, as a matter of course, admonish both parties at the outset of the case that they are not to harass, threaten, or abuse the other while the divorce is pending. As an order of the court, violators may be punished through the court’s contempt powers. The court has a variety of possible sanctions it can impose on a party in contempt of court, including fines and imprisonment. In addition, the court may (as part of the divorce case) order the offender to obtain counseling or treatment.
  • Criminal sanctions: Of course, abusive, harassing, and/or violent behavior may also violate Michigan law and a conviction can result in imprisonment and fines or probation with directions that the offender obtain counseling services.

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Paul J. Tafelski, P.C. is committed to helping individuals who have been victims of domestic abuse during their divorce proceedings obtain the security, the peace of mind, and the freedom from domestic violence and abuse that all deserve. The sooner you contact Paul J. Tafelski, P.C., the sooner he can help you put a stop to abusive or violent behavior. Call his office today at (248) 456-8243, or contact the office online, and set up your free initial consultation right away.

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