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Plymouth Domestic Violence Lawyer

Compassionate Yet Resilient Attorney Helps Plymouth Divorce Clients Victimized by Domestic Abuse

woman in blue dress taking off her wedding ring for a divorce attorney royal oakDomestic violence is much more prevalent than many individuals realize, even in communities such as Plymouth. While the causes and/or circumstances that lead to domestic abuse in the home can differ between individuals, it is undeniable that the tension and strong emotions that accompany a divorce proceeding can greatly increase the likelihood that domestic violence will occur. The perpetrator may commit acts of violence believing that he or she can achieve one or more outcomes:

  • The perpetrator may wish for the victim to withdraw his or her divorce petition or not contest or challenge the perpetrator’s divorce petition;
  • The perpetrator may wish the victim to acquiesce to a division of assets and/or debt that is not beneficial to the victim; and/or
  • The perpetrator may obtain some satisfaction from having control over the victim or having the victim live in fear of him or her.

Whatever the reason why the perpetrator believes he or she can or ought to commit acts of domestic violence, you do not need to live in fear and you ought not be made to surrender your rights, your independence, and your future. Speak with Plymouth family law attorney Paul J. Tafelski, Esq. and put a stop to abusive and violent behavior in your divorce case.

Tools to Combat Domestic Violence in Plymouth Divorce Cases

Victims of domestic violence may feel as if they have they have no choice other than to endure abusive or violent behavior from their former partner. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. Depending on the unique facts and circumstances of your case, you and your Plymouth divorce attorney may be able to use one or more of the following to put an end to domestic violence in your divorce case:

  • Contempt proceedings: Courts routinely order divorce litigants to refrain from abusive or harassing behavior while the divorce is pending. Violating these orders can result in the violator being found in contempt and punished by the imposition of fines, jail time, or both fines and incarceration.
  • Protective orders: A court can also grant specific protective orders that award the marital residence to you, prohibit your abuser from visiting your work or other places you frequent, or from making contact with you by any means. Violating a protective order can be considered a separate criminal act.
  • Ex parte orders: In extreme cases, you may be able to obtain certain court orders (such as a protective order or an order directing the other party to pay you temporary support) on an ex parte basis. These orders can provide you with quick – albeit temporary – assistance in an emergency situation.

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