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Lake Orion Divorce Lawyer

Lake Orion Divorce Lawyer

Every married couple faces challenges. Some challenges are more severe than others, and some couples are more capable of moving past the challenges they face together. For every couple, there are circumstances that are just too severe to overcome. For one couple, this circumstance might be infidelity. For another, it might be substance addiction. Sometimes the challenges couples face are not this specific or severe, but simply the reality of growing apart and having different goals in their lives.

In any case, in which a couple’s marriage is no longer a healthy, functional one, a divorce is an option. In many cases, it is the best option because it gives both partners the opportunity to take their share of their marital assets and move forward in their individual lives, ideally toward opportunities and even new relationships that suit them better.

Michigan Divorce Requirements

In Michigan, there are no grounds for divorce other than irreconcilable differences. In other words, every Michigan divorce is a no-fault divorce.

Before an individual can file for divorce in Michigan, he or she or his or her spouse must have lived in the state for at least six months. Divorce paperwork is handled at the circuit court level and the spouse who files it can choose to file for divorce in the county where he or she resides or the county where his or her spouse resides if they are not the same.

Reaching a Settlement that Covers All your Needs

Your divorce settlement is the legal order that officially ends your marriage. It contains various orders regarding the divorce and your lives in the years that follow. Depending on your marriage, your divorce settlement could be relatively simple, with just a property division order, or it could be fairly complex, involving a child support order, a child custody order, and in some cases, a spousal support order.

The divorce orders that make up your settlement are largely determined according to your family’s specific needs. The only exception to this is your child support order, which is created using specific figures and factors outlined in the Michigan Child Support Guidelines provided by the Friends of the Court Bureau.

Your lawyer’s role in making these determinations is promoting your rights and interests. When the court is working to determine the extent of your relationship with your child and the custody breakdown that is in his or her best interest, your lawyer can help you provide documentation of your day-to-day involvement in your child’s life. Similarly, your lawyer can work with you to give the court a full picture of your current and projected financial state, advocating for your property division and spousal support goals.

Work with an Experienced Lake Orion Divorce Lawyer

If you know your marriage is over, it is time to start working on your divorce with an experienced Lake Orion divorce lawyer. Contact our firm to connect with Paul Tafeski today to set up your free legal consultation. During the consultation, you will have the opportunity to discuss your case in greater detail and determine the most effective way to proceed with your case.

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