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Paul Tafelski is an attorney in the Metropolitan Detroit area who has been practicing for about 20 years and handling divorce cases for about 18 years. His practice is primarily made of assisting individual people with their personal problems whether they’d be family law, criminal defense or in business. Most of the legal work done by attorney Paul Tafelski is either in divorce and custody law or criminal defense which often ties in through domestic violence charges etc. He has been serving in the area of divorce law and family law for the last 18 years. In these 18 years, he has been asked a lot of questions regarding filing for divorce in Michigan, some of which are given below.

What Should Someone Expect When They Visit An Attorney For An Initial Consultation?

Just a general conversation about their case and their circumstances, maybe some information about the finances so the attorney can give them some opinions and some guidance about what they can expect as far as how the case will go; questions about the kids, but just general sort of conversation more than anything. There is nothing that they have to study for or be prepared for, it’s pretty common set of straightforward meeting.

What Sets Attorney Paul Tafelski Apart From Other Family Law Attorneys Who Handle Divorce Cases?

In this area of the law, there are a lot of attorneys who have been affected by the amount of negativity that is sometimes involved in divorce cases and it’s altered their approach to how they handle cases to the extent that sometimes they are making trouble when they don’t need to make trouble, and that ends up costing the clients money and time and making their fragile relationship even worst.

Law office of attorney Paul Tafelski has not been affected that way as they try to stay as positive as possible. Taselski says, “Certainly, we have to fight when we have to fight and sometimes that’s not avoidable but we just try to help the client to the process in a very practical, step-by-step way and get them the best possible result that they can get. We bring a level of experience along with a reasonable approach to obtaining the best possible result, and I think a lot of it is just being able to connect with people on a certain level and get the point of what they’re telling you, and over the years, we have really developed the ability to do that.”

If you have any questions regarding Family Law & Criminal Defense in Michigan, call the law office of Attorney Paul Tafelski for a free initial consultation at (248) 456-8243 and get the information and legal answers you’re seeking.

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