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Regardless of whether they’re married, parents are legally obligated to provide financially for the medical care, well-being, school, and costs of living for their minor children. Parents may agree to child support, but the matter will go to court for a determination where compromise isn’t possible. Once a Michigan court enters an order regarding child support, the law allows parties to enforce the child support obligation as necessary.

At the office of Paul J. Tafelski, our attorneys have been representing clients in child support matters for more than a decade, assisting them with agreements, negotiations, court hearings, enforcement, post-judgment modification, and relocation. We work with parents across the State of Michigan, including Plymouth, Troy, Novi, West Bloomfield, Detroit, Birmingham, and all of Oakland County. Please contact us online or call our office at (248) 456-8243 to discuss your circumstances. We’re dedicated to protecting your legal rights in a child support case, and will ensure a decision is both fair and reasonable.

Child Support Under Michigan Law

According to the Michigan statute, a judge may order a parent to pay support for any child aged 18 years or younger, or who is older than 18 but attending school on a regular basis; once the individual reaches 19 years and 6 months, the obligation to pay support ceases. Child support is intended to provide for medical care, education, cost of living, and other expenses as reasonable under the circumstances.

The court calculates child support payments by referring to standards adopted by a state agency, the  Friend of the Court Bureau. The factors to be considered by the judge include:

  • Both parents’ individual income;
  • A parent’s legal obligation to provide support for multiple children;
  • How much time each parent dedicates to the child; and,
  • Living expenses as necessary, such as daycare, school, and health insurance.

Matters associated with child support are complex because it’s necessary to value income, property, necessary expenses for the child, and other factors. Plus, there may be complications where one parent must take action to enforce a child support order. A parent who does not comply with child support obligations may face civil and criminal penalties.

Modification of Child Support

Absent a change in circumstances, child support payments cannot be modified except by order of the court. A new job, loss of employment, remarriage, cohabitation, and other life changes may justify a modification of child support.


If a parent relocates outside Michigan along with the child, the obligation to pay child support still applies. However, the order regarding financial support must be entered in the court system of the relocation state, and the parenting time components are subject to change based upon the new circumstances.

Contact a Plymouth Attorney About Child Support

If you would like to know more about child support in Michigan and want to discuss your situation with an attorney at the office of Paul J. Tafelski, please contact us online. You can also reach us at (248) 456-8243 to set up an appointment to review your case. We assist clients with all types of child support issues, at any stage of the case. Our lawyers are committed to helping you make informed decisions about your options.

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