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At first glance, the stakes involved in a family law case can seem minor compared to the stakes one faces with a criminal case or even certain types of civil cases, like a workplace discrimination lawsuit. In a family law case, however, the stakes can be losing one’s parental rights or having to dramatically alter one’s relationship with his or her children. These kinds of cases can be the most emotionally difficult of all because they deal with our closest, most intimate relationships.

When you are working through a family law case, work with a lawyer you trust to be your advocate. Your lawyer’s job is to protect your rights and promote your interests as you work toward a favorable resolution for your case.

Cases We Handle

Our firm works with clients facing the following:

  • Creating and enforcing prenuptial agreements;
  • Divorce;
  • Property division;
  • Creation, enforcement, and modification of child support orders;
  • Creation, enforcement, and modification of spousal support orders;
  • Creation, enforcement, and modification of child custody orders;
  • Domestic violence issues;
  • Paternity cases; and
  • Personal protection orders (PPOs).

It is not uncommon to face two or more of these issues at once. As you work through a divorce, you might need to establish a child support order or have your marital assets divided. Work with your lawyer to ensure that you reach settlements for these issues with consideration for each other because they are often intricately linked.

Family Law Cases are About Resolution, Not “Winning”

Keep in mind that when you are working toward a family law settlement, you are working toward the resolution that is in your family’s best interest, rather than “winning.” This is especially true when you are dealing with issues related to your children, like modifying your child custody order or establishing your paternity. It can be difficult to remove your biases and personal emotions from court proceedings related to your children, but it is necessary to do so to ensure that their needs are met. The most effective way for you to help the court make appropriate decisions for your family is to provide sufficient evidence to illustrate the full picture of your family.

Work with an Experienced Bloomfield Township Family Lawyer

Whether you are going through a divorce, facing domestic violence, considering drafting a prenuptial agreement, facing child support difficulties, or wrestling with another type of family law issue, work with an experienced family lawyer to get the legal advice and representation you need to resolve the case appropriately. To get started with our firm, contact Paul J. Tafelski, Esq. to set up your free legal consultation in our office.

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