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Divorce Attorney Bloomfield Hills

Divorce Attorney Bloomfield Hills – Experienced Divorce Attorney Assisting Clients in Bloomfield Hills

Divorce does not have to be a contentious process. To be sure, when you have an experienced Bloomfield Hills divorce lawyer on your side who can advocate for your rights, you may be able to move through matters of property distribution and child custody in a manner that is as painless as possible. However, some divorces simply involve heated battles over certain items of property, as well as other matters within the marriage. If your divorce is likely to be contentious, you should be sure to have an aggressive advocate with experience in the courtroom who can ensure that your position is heard.

Regardless of whether you are likely to have an uncontested or a contested divorce, it is extremely important to work with an experienced Bloomfield Hills divorce attorney. You do not want to take any chance when it comes to your financial future, or the upbringing of your children. A dedicated advocate at the law offices of Paul J. Tafelski can discuss your options with you today.

Learning More About Divorce in Bloomfield Hills, MI

In Bloomfield Hills, Chapter 552 of the Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) concerns most aspects of divorce that are likely to arise in your case. One of the first things you should know about divorce in Michigan is that you do not need to prove fault in order to get divorced. Under MCL 552.6, when the plaintiff files a complaint for divorce, she or he only needs to say that the marriage is broken and cannot be repaired. That is sufficient to seek a divorce in the state.

Divorce is not limited to simply filing a complaint, however. There are many different aspects involved in each divorce case, and we regularly assist clients with the following matters:

  • Distribution of property;
  • Tax implications of property division and divorce;
  • Alimony;
  • Child custody and visitation;
  • Child support;
  • Modifications of support or custody orders;
  • Preparation and enforcement of prenuptial agreements; and
  • Drafting and implementing postnuptial agreements.

Property Distribution in Michigan

When two spouses get divorced in Michigan, the court will follow a model of property division known as “equitable distribution.” This means that the court will divide marital property in a manner that is equitable (or fair) to both parties. In some situations, equitable distribution does result in marital property being divided equally. However, equitable does not mean the same thing as equal. As such, the court will look at a number of different factors when deciding how to divide marital property.

Keep in mind that the court will divide all marital property—both assets and debts. And any “separate property” will not be subject to division.

Michigan Divorce Residency Requirements

Under MCL 552.9, you must have been a resident of Michigan for at least 180 days (or 6 months) in order to file for divorce in the state. To file for divorce in Bloomfield Hills, you must have been a resident of Oakland County for 10 days.

Seek Advice from an Experienced Divorce Attorney Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Are you considering divorce in Michigan? An experienced divorce attorney in Bloomfield Hills can help with your case. Contact the law offices of Paul J. Tafelski for more information about our services.

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