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Best Birmingham Child Custody Lawyer

Best Birmingham Child Custody Lawyer

mother with her daughter happy from their parenting plan arranged with a good child custody lawyer in BirminghamYou want nothing but the best for your child, and the same should be true when retaining an attorney to represent you in a child custody matter. Whether you reach an agreement with the child’s other parent or must go to court to resolve disputes, strong representation is necessary.

Our lawyers at the office of Paul J. Tafelski have more than a decade of experience in all areas of family law, including child custody. Please contact our office to schedule a consultation regarding your case. You should also read on for information on the importance of hiring the best Birmingham child custody lawyer.

Knowledge of Michigan Laws on Child Custody

Nothing is more important to your family than hiring a lawyer with extensive knowledge in family law and significant experience behind it. Michigan’s child custody statute is complicated regarding your rights and legal obligations as a parent. You put your interests in jeopardy unless you have skilled counsel on your side. State law encourages parents to agree on a child custody arrangement, and an attorney can assist with negotiations and drafting the necessary paperwork. If you do need to go to court to resolve disputes, it is important to have a lawyer’s assistance.

The Child’s Best Interests Standard

Your child custody lawyer must balance your needs with those of your child since the child’s best interests standard is paramount. A court will apply the statutory factors in reviewing an agreement regarding child custody. If your parenting plan meets the standard, a judge will most likely enter an appropriate order.

If you need to conduct a full hearing on child custody, the court also refers to each of the 12 factors of the child’s best interests. During the proceedings, a judge will determine how well each parent meets the relevant considerations. You need an attorney who can present evidence and arguments in your favor.

Experience in Related Areas of Michigan Law

Because child custody is closely connected with other legal subject matter, it is essential that you retain a lawyer who has practiced in related areas. Examples include:

  • Paternity: If the child’s parents are unmarried, it may be necessary to go through legal procedures to establish parentage. Custody only becomes an issue when paternity is official.
  • Divorce: Child custody is a key issue in divorce, and disputes are common when emotions take over.
  • Child Support: When the question of child custody is answered, the next issue is child support. Typically, payments are made to the residential parent by the other.
  • Visitation Issues: The non-custodial parent is entitled to visitation, but the terms of parenting time can be a source of conflict.

Discuss Your Case with a Birmingham Child Custody Attorney Today

Considering the importance of issues related to minor children, you need the best Birmingham child custody lawyer to assist in protecting your rights as a parent. If you can reach a parenting plan agreement, an attorney will advocate on your behalf. When you need to take a child custody dispute to court, solid legal representation is critical. For more information on child custody and related legal issues, please contact the office of Paul J. Tafelski. You can set up a consultation by calling (248) 221-1060 or going online.

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