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Q. My husband has a child from a previous relationship and he and I have a child together. My husband is very ill and fears if he passes his ex would never let his son see our daughter. Are there sibling access rights in Michigan that would allow me to petition for visitation of my step son under these possibly fatal circumstances?

A. An interested person may intervene in some circumstances. It is tricky but your daughter should be allowed to have a relationship with her brother. Documenting the strength of the relationship, the intentions of your husband and working to repair that relationship with the ex before it’s too late are all things I would recommend you do at this point.

Q. A custody issue has arisen as retaliation for asking for more child support. Called on two times, both proven false. The issues raised were things only the other parent would know. Who can press charges, the department or myself?

A. It starts with the filing of a police report. Either of you could do it. If you can actually prove that the allegations were false when made and that there was malice towards you then a crime may have been committed. I would make sure you have your proof lined up before going to the police or they will likely blow you off.


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